My name is Samuel James. I prefer being called Sam in person and general conversation but professionally known as Samuel.
I am currently 21 years old and a student at the University of Wolverhampton. I have in my first year studying film for a BA Honours Degree. Although it depends on what my grades are for this degree, I might consider going a step high towards a Master’s. Will have to see in a few years time.

Those who know me well enough will tell you that I am a huge film fanatic and love all types of films from the oldest to the latest releases. Also, from scary horrors to fun and entertaining teen flicks. I have been writing film reviews for approximately 5 years now but with more practice, I have developed my writing style and it has become more than a hobby. As a profession, I would like to become a film critic the most as I have started to think more creatively and critically about films, the acting, production etc. In addition, a university lecturer is a possible alternative too. To be honest, I will be more than happy to just be involved in the film industry and I will still be happy just reviewing films as a hobby.
<b>Film research interests (thus far):</b> German cinema, horror and film-noir genres, cinematic movements.


Aside from films and writing, I have other interests. I am a huge fan of football (soccer in USA). I support Wolverhampton Wanderers but I also at least like other teams, such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa. Furthermore, I grew up watching WWF (now called WWE) wrestling but unfortunately in 2007, I went off it completely due to the new era and it gradually got boring with less exciting storylines, wrestlers with corny character and no brutal or intense matches.
So, that’s all about me that I have refreshed in my mind right now. Contact me if you want to talk more.


3 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Nice site buddy, you have reviewed a hell of a lot of films in a short space of time! Look forward to reading them

  2. Awesome site! Good job. I’m looking forward to browsing your extensive library of reviews. Thanks!

  3. Sam, What’s up? Impressive site you have here. Would you you be interested in joining the Beyond The Gamer community as a movie reviewer? Contact me through beyondthegamer.com/about if interested. Hope to hear from you either way. Sorry about connecting with you via a comment.

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