REVIEW: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2


600full-the-twilight-saga_-breaking-dawn----part-2-posterIt is finally here! After four corny and needlessly over-hyped predecessors, the finale of the Twilight saga has arrived. Blatantly a move copied from the final novel of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows being split into two films, the last installment of the Twilight franchise wanted to end on a high note and build up anticipation. Still, you can look at the film and believe that it has the exact features of yet another lame addition into the suck-fest franchise. However, it is still the conclusion of a series and it has, reluctantly, been financially successful. So there must have been something going for it. However, although it is perhaps the strongest film in the series, it still suffers heavily from the Twilight curse that put the icing on the cake and, thus, makes the entire franchise overall a complete failure.

The events of Breaking Dawn Part II pick up immediately after Part I with Bella having just given birth to a daughter Renesmee and resulted in her transformation into a vampire. The child becomes the central figure in Part II as the Voltori now want to kill her as an immortal child-vampire is forbidden. In defense of the film, we finally see some threat and it has been a long time coming! In addition, the climatic action sequence was somewhat enjoyable; perhaps the best moment from all five films. However, the term ‘epic’ does not even come close to Part II. This final installment did not feel like a finale. It was merely another additional story that just drags on and does not conclude anything. It does not leave the audience to feel any excitement or emotion. Furthermore, apart from atrocious performances, the entire Twilight series suffers from pacing. Part II starts off very slow and at least an hour of the film could have been within half of that time. This indicates that Breaking Dawn as a novel could have been one film instead of being two.

Once again, the acting goes completely nowhere and there were not any signs of improvement. We finally see Kristen Stewart in the role of Bella Swan. The character took a few turns following the events of Part I as she now not only a vampire but she is a mother. Therefore, Bella actually has a purpose in Part II other than swooning around Edward again. Considering this, Bella is still very much trapped in herself and becomes neither a young teenage girl nor a grown-up, responsible parent. Quite frankly, Stewart does not blend with motherhood, even on-screen, when she is still only 22 and still has many teenage features. Nevertheless, with the Twilight franchise having drawn to a close, Stewart needs to break out of her comfort zone and take her role selections to a new level.

Like Stewart as Bella, Robert Pattinson still goes absolutely nowhere as Edward Cullen. He expresses no happiness as he is now a family ‘man’ and a married one. Out of all three central actors, Pattinson has always been the driest and worst one of them all. He is just there and does not make a romantic or emotional effect. In fact, he becomes the most anti-vampire that he has been so far seeing as Bella does everything that he should. In fact, it is like Bella and Edward are together because they have to be as part of the series. They have not connected at all and it seems they want the franchise to end as much as many viewers do too. On the other hand, Jacob’s appearance in this ‘finale’ was almost irrelevant and hardly served any important purpose at all. In this part, he is Renesmee’s awkward protector when she has parents for that and is still sticking his nose in the lives of Edward and Bella. However, to please pre-teens and easily-aroused girls for the final time, Taylor Lautner did take his shirt off (and strip). Nevertheless, it is goodbye to Edward and Jacob – the two guys who become girls.

Despite Breaking Dawn: Part II is perhaps the ‘strongest’ installment of the entire series and does end on a satisfactory note, it still leaves with the same elements that they have always had. Of course, young girls and pre-teens are going to enjoy this and will be disappointed that it is the final film. Still, for most of us it is a great relief that we will not have to put up with any sparkling vampires and werewolves that sexually arouse their target audience. However, knowing Hollywood as it today regarding remakes, we could be in for another reproduced franchise in the future. Unfortunately, it is possible but if it does happen, now is time to savor the moments in the meantime where Twilight has finally ended.


~ by SJMJ91 on 21/12/2012.

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