REVIEW: Man On A Ledge

First of all, here is the problem with certain Hollywood action-thrillers similar to Man On A Ledge in this generation – they look creative in terms of filming and direction, but they seriously lack both the action and the suspense that keeps the audience’s attention from start to finish. Unfortunately, Man On A Ledge had already given a rather weak first impression due to the very lazy and corny title, but the cast from the likes of Avatar star Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, child-actor Jamie Bell and Oscar nominee Ed Harris added a little more interest and sophistication into the film. Nevertheless, the easiest way to describe Man On A Ledge is simply the same as the title: a boring, un-interesting and empty film that is easily forgettable.

Considering that Man On A Ledge does have its numerous flaws, there were certain moments where it does deserve credit. For example, it begins very quickly and immediately gives us the scheming nature of Nick Cassidy as he sneaks into a top-floor hotel room by posing as somebody else. Therefore, the film simply cuts to the chase and gets the story underway preparing us for more suspense and more dialogue. However, although the direction by Asger Leth had similar Nolan-like concepts, Man On A Ledge still served as a film with no meaning and after the first 5 minutes, there were no added excitement or suspense.

Well, everybody recognizes Sam Worthington in his roles in films such as Terminator Salvation, Clash Of The Titans, its sequel and most of all – James Cameron’s Avatar. Following these films, Worthington has revealed that he can either be really impressive or absolutely atrocious. However, he gave a rather mediocre performance in Man On A Ledge as Nick Cassidy. Worthington’s role was not really anything at all. Upon learning Cassidy’s background story, the character and performance does not engage in any emotional connection and simply does not make him a threat. Thus, Worthington can pull off stronger performances in better films, but Man On A Ledgewas a huge miss for him. Elizabeth Banks portrayed negotiator Lydia Mercer in a role that is an almost typical love interest that we have seen time and time again. Furthermore, Jamie Bell performed as Worthington’s on-screen brother Joey Cassidy and Ed Harris makes an appearance too.

Overall, Man On A Ledge was, as predicted from the very flat title, a meaningless and shallow film that does have its one or two strengths but is still easily forgettable. It could have been a much better film with a more sophisticated director and screenwriter, especially within the genres of action, horror or thriller. The actors and some of the other crew members simply need to just write this one off as an experience and move on to make stronger projects in the upcoming future.


~ by SJMJ91 on 25/06/2012.

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