REVIEW: Zombieland

Time and time again, we keep seeing these zombie films where there are people trying to survive but almost every time despite that have brought us something new. When I found out about Zombieland, I think at first it looked too similar to Shaun Of The Dead and didn’t looked like there would be anything new in the theme of zombie film. However, after its strong critical response, I decided to give it a go and you know what? I would say it is the best zombie film that I have watched and far surpasses Shaun Of The Dead for me. Another way where Zombielandperhaps has shown us something that we have seen quite a lot recently is a post-apocalyptic or ruined country or world.

There are sometimes different kinds of zombie films: some are ones that do appear as dramas and are meant to be taken very seriously but there are some where drama is added to it but its main purpose is to make it a comedy such as the violence and obviously the humour but like Shaun Of The Dead and Piranha 3D, I found the violence funnier than the humour which makes all three of those films black horror comedies. Well, horror comedies are black comedies.

I think this is one of the very few films that I have seen starring Woody Harrelson and I think he did a pretty awesome job. I love how we never actually knew his character’s real name (we only knew ‘Tallahassee’ which is where he was heading) and because he had that badass side to him and wanted to create a lot of mayhem and kill zombies, he was a bit like a character that an actor like Jason Statham would play. In fact, I think Statham would have been a good choice selection. Jesse Eisenberg was in the brink of his career and starred in this one just before his critically acclaimed Oscar nominated performance in The Social Network and I thought he was just incredible in this role. Eisenberg reminds me a lot of Michael Cera because he looks like a geek who wants the girl he meets and falls in love with but they are both good at playing action heroes and that is exactly what Jesse Eisenberg did in Zombieland and worked alongside Woody Harrelson and the rest of the cast pretty well. Emma Stone, who is going to be in the Spider-Man reboot, was actually really good in this and I liked her performance and there is one thing that I just must point out: she is smoking hot! I absolutely loved Abigail Breslin’s Oscar nominated performance in Little Miss Sunshine and now she is 3 years older and she has changed (like Georgie Henley in The Chronicles Of Narnia film series). Anyway, I loved her performance in this! She was like a bad girl that did remind me a lot of Mindy McCready in Kick-Ass who was portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz.

The direction was brilliant! Fleischer managed to do something that perhaps a lot of college students would try to do seeing as zombie stories are quite a common subject for college and university film projects and that is there was absolutely nothing cheesy about the direction, the story (even though there are many that are possibly similar to it) nor the script for that matter. Impressive how well the action scene at the theme park was filmed especially the scene where Tallahassee was on the roller coaster ride shooting zombies with the shotgun.

Overall, Zombieland is a hilarious horror comedy that I think is perhaps the best film part of that theme. It may looks like just another zombie film but it goes into greater depth than that with story and characters. It perhaps is the most underrated film of 2009 despite its great critical response and has become one of the best films of that year for me. This probably like the American Shaun Of The Dead, but I am gonna stick by the Americans on this one, despite I am British, and say Zombieland is better than Shaun Of The Dead. Such great fun and entertainment at its finest!


~ by SJMJ91 on 21/05/2012.

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