In many ways, I really wasn’t sure what to expect out of this third Rocky film seeing as the first one is an absolute masterpiece and the sequel is almost as outstanding as its predecessor. However, even though I do think that the series should have ended at the end of the second film, I did really like this one. I mean, at the start of the film, this could have perhaps just ended as a trilogy but unfortunately as the ending of it progressed, it ended like there was going to be another sequel to this one. I think the main flaw that Rocky III has is that the dialogue could have actually made two films so it sort of felt crammed and rushed and the dialogue of Rocky IV could have been half of the dialogue in this one instead.

For the third time, Sylvester Stallone plays the infamous boxing champion Rocky Balboa but this time, he has an enemy who is rougher and tougher than he is. As far as the performance from Sylvester Stallone is concerned, he didn’t really impress me as much as the first two films as Rocky this time although he was still decent. In terms of how the character was in the film in the ring, Rocky took some wise strategies in this one and shows that it isn’t all about the fast punches like you want to get a quick knockout. Talia Shire didn’t greatly impress me either as Adrian Balboa although throughout most of the scenes she was in, she was either comforting Rocky or tending to their son. Burt Young was great again as Paulie and I liked Carl Weathers too as Apollo Creed who becomes a companion and friend to Rocky despite they have fought against each other twice but think it is mostly because they both hate arrogant boxer Clubber Lang. Lawrence Tureaud aka Mr. T as Clubber Lang was absolutely badass! I loved his character and he is a strong character like Rocky is. I really liked the appearance of former WWE/WWF wrestling legend Terry Gene Bollea aka Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips. Up until I watched Rocky III and watched the WWF/WWE as a kid, I forgot how huge Hulk Hogan really is especially next to Sylvester Stallone and he is quite a big guy himself.

Sylvester Stallone, you really can direct a boxing film well when it is in the ring but outside the ring, I have to admit that you really need to work harder on that. It is still quite impressive how a guy can be both director and leading actor at the same time. Oh and screenwriter so I guess I cannot be too harsh on him. The screenplay was pretty cool, to be fair, but there wasn’t really anything new in changes of the series such as plot twists or gob-smackers so to speak. It was decent enough, though, overall.

Overall, Rocky III is another great film where the great Rocky films end from here until Rocky Balboa aka Rocky VI 24 years later. I didn’t quite love this one as much as the first two films but I was pleasantly surprised with how good this one really turned out to be. Although a lot of people perhaps won’t agree with me saying but I think it is another really good film in the franchise that does have its flaws but deserves its rightful place as a film that needn’t be missed.


~ by SJMJ91 on 21/05/2012.

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