REVIEW: One Hour Photo

What my almost immediate impression was of One Hour Photo when I first read about it was simply that it just looks like another psychological thriller with nothing that changes and well, that is pretty much everything that it was but not quite as amazing as I was hoping it to be. Time and time again, we see that one character that meets someone or a group of people and begins to become deeply obsessed with them that take them down a dangerous road and we can almost guarantee what will happen and, quite frankly, there was nothing massively different or anything even really exciting or tense about One Hour Photo I mean, yeah it is decent but definitely not one of the best thrillers out there.

Ok, I will admit that seeing Robin Williams with blonde hair was rather unusual because it really didn’t suit him but he played a mad man inInsomnia which was in fact released the exact same year as One Hour Photo and was curious about how Robin would deliver in this one. I did find Sy a good character as well as Robin’s performance but he neither expressed anything new to the screen nor bought back memories of great performances by actors in similar films such as this. I am a fan of Robin Williams but I just don’t think it was an entirely amazing performance like I have seen from him in the past. I did like the emotional bond between Sy and Jake because Sy really is desperate for affection and he never seems to get it off anybody seeing as he is pretty much alone and because Jake gets closer but begins to sort of reject what Sy tries to help him with, the psychological side of things begin.

Mark Romanek, first of all, who are you? I had almost no recognition of what you have done or what you will do in the future apart from this film. Actually, there is just one: Never Let Me Go. Anyway, your work on One Hour Photo was extraordinary unlike anything that I have ever watched but I will confess that it wasn’t all fantastic and unbelievable as many have said about it. The directing was great especially in the lab scenes and I really liked the script too.

Overall, One Hour Photo is a film that I find rather overrated but still a decent film to at least try. It isn’t anything special but it isn’t anything that should be criticised so heavily so it leans more on good than bad for me but only slightly. One thing, though, if you’re a fan of Robin Williams, I think you’ll really like this one.


~ by SJMJ91 on 21/05/2012.

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