REVIEW: Knight & Day

You want to know what my first immediate impressions were of Knight And Day were before I saw it? It is something that perhaps everybody thought at first: just another money-grubbing, action-comedy blockbuster that has a rather lame dialogue and annoying characters but with good action and that is Knight And Day in a nutshell. As predicted there was a lot of impressive action scenes that were a lot of fun to watch but even the intense action in the film didn’t save the film. Over the years, we have seen films like Knight And Day that tries to charm the viewers by giving us lots of action but this was just so predictable and I was almost certain of what was going to happen after about 30 minutes during the film.

Admittedly, I find both Cruise and Diaz overrated even though I did like them in Vanilla Sky together but they reunite for a second time. However, this time, the chemistry between both characters was just annoying as hell! Tom Cruise is one of those actors who try to play a kind of hero that we have seen time and time again but he really doesn’t catch the audience’s attention in this film at all. I mean, it’s like one minute he is fighting for June and defending her, then he is fighting against her and then defending her and so forth so became quite annoying and a rather messed-up and chaotic character. Cameron Diaz may have been incredibly hot as June Havens but her performance as June Havens was one of those performances where you find the character incredibly annoying. I mean, Tom Cruise playing a guy called Roy and Cameron Diaz playing a woman called June! They are the oldest fashioned and elderly names anyone could possibly come up with and they really don’t suit actors like Cruise and Diaz. Peter Sarsgaard is just another actor playing a cob looking for someone. There was nothing new added to that character kind at all, really. I liked Paul Dano’s mild appearance and performance which makes him the best actor in the film.

James Mangold certainly knows how to direct a film brilliantly in the action scenes but elsewhere such as developing the characters and the non-action scenes, he just cannot do it and it just didn’t work that out for him and I couldn’t see it, really. I think the best action scene throughout the entire film has got to go to the aeroplane scene where they need to land the plane. Now, that was pretty impressive. Apart from that, it was just a director who tried but failed.

Overall, Knight And Day is just another action-comedy that does have its obviously fun moment but has its very flawed and rather crap ones at the same time. It is nothing special but it isn’t one of the worst films that I have watched.


~ by SJMJ91 on 21/05/2012.

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