REVIEW: Four Lions

In many ways, I was expecting something that is just ingenious and a masterpiece but in other ways, I was expecting it to be an utter piece of crap that was just trying to be shit. However, despite my expectations for Four Lions were mixed, I thought it was absolutely brilliant! To be honest, it is a typical project for the British to make seeing as there is this war going on right now and they are almost like taking the piss out of terrorists (as are British Muslims involved in the film). The British are the best at making black comedies and they certainly prove that once again with Four Lions.

Sure, this film is bound to offend some viewers watching this but the director and screenwriters have as much right to make this film as Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles did with Borat in 2006 and Bruno in 2009 but I am sorry to say this but if you found this an offensive film, you have no sense of humour. Admittedly, there are moments where I guess one could feel offended but there are others that are just absolutely hilarious! Also, Four Lions perhaps gives out a strong message not just to the people of Britain but around the world that Al Qaeda are a very sneaky organization and nowhere is safe and for the poor civilians, it will all depend on where they are and when they are there.

Well, I find that writing about the actors and characters in this film will be quite difficult but here goes. I thought the bond between all of the characters was just brilliant! I have to say that it is rather brave of those actors to play characters who are ripping off some of the people of their own race as nothing more than scumbag terrorists. The actors with these performances and strong commitment to the project showed that there are a lot of good Muslims in the world, not just members of Al Qaeda. I also loved how they try to terrorise a particular place and every time they mess it up and the fact that the characters try and fail, just really made me laugh during the entire film.

Chris Morris is a guy who is in his late 40s and has only just began his filmmaking directing career and what a great debut it was! The filming was brilliantly handled especially in the scenes where they are trying to act like terrorists in the flat in front of a camera and also when they are in Pakistan aswell. It was just brilliantly filmed all the way through it. Four Lions really is one of those films where the script must be read first by an actor or anybody who is going to be part of the film because you could just read the synopsis and automatically think ‘this group of guys are just going to take the absolute piss and will cause a major fiasco’. Morris and fellow screenwriters Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain joined together and wrote this script that I think deserved more recognition and awards to win. Four Lions was robbed of a Best Picture Musical/Comedy nomination just like Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World were aswell but I hope that this will win the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Director like it rightly should.

Overall, Four Lions is an absolutely hilarious black comedy that can be marked as another great British film. It perhaps is the most underrated film of 2010 and I wish it earned more critical acclaim than it did. This is ultimately a bitch-slap to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin-Laden and for that; you are a group of Gods! If you are up for a good laugh, this is the one to choose!


~ by SJMJ91 on 21/05/2012.

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