REVIEW: Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Being a huge fan of the classic TV show ever since childhood, I never really thought a feature film on the famous cat and mouse was a bad idea but despite that, I don’t think it was as awful as people have made it out to be. I grew up with this but now even after the fact that there are so many flaws, it is something that at least tries to be something fun and that is all it is. There are some key moments in the feature film where you are taken back into the older generation such as some comic violence like there is in the TV show and the often on-and-off friendship and rivalry between Tom and Jerry. I think perhaps the best bit of hope we get from the original TV show is the ending scene which you will have to see for yourself.

However, there are quite a number of deep flaws such as the instant and most obvious one: Tom and Jerry who actually talk (even to the human characters) when they hardly said a single word at all in the TV show and that is what makes the TV show truly great because we don’t need them to talk because their characters are developed enough. As for how they act in the film, mostly it doesn’t feel like the same cat and mouse we saw in the past except that they both have the same features and same name. If they were going to make a Tom and Jerry feature film, I think that having the characters involve speak is perhaps the best and only way a feature film would work especially in this generation now that the silent era is now long gone. I guess I would understand if Tom and Jerry talked only to each other but the fact that only the little girl can hear and understand them and no other human character can, I just don’t understand. One bit of credit I will give about the choice of Tom and Jerry talking is that Richard Kind (voice of Tom) and Dana Hill (voice of Jerry) were good choices because their voices provide almost exactly how I imagined Tom and Jerry would speak anyway. Also, the fact that in the old show, we almost hardly ever saw a human character’s face or upper body features hence why one of (and perhaps the most famous) Tom’s owner is known as Mammy-Two-Shoes. It would have been good to see her in this film or someone like her anyway, not some weird ginger, fat woman stalking and ”abusing” a little girl.

The famous cat and mouse make their first appearance together in a feature film. When Tom’s owner moves house, accidentally leaves Tom behind and the next morning the house is bulldozed to the ground, it means Tom and Jerry have to make their own living together and get used to the lifestyle on the streets. Because they are a cat and a mouse, that is a very difficult task. They come across Pugsy (a dog) and Frankie the flea and into a group of cat-thugs and sing a couple of songs but they together meet young orphan girl Robyn who has ran away from home from her evil Aunt Figg (well, really her guardian seeing as her father is supposedly dead and her mother died when she was a baby) who is really only after her father’s money hence why she is looking after Robyn. She has her lawyer accomplice who tries to take it off her. So, Robyn, Tom and Jerry come across funny and exciting adventures and try to escape the evil clutches of Aunt Figg forever.

Admittedly, it is good fun listening and singing along to the songs but overall, I didn’t really like how they made Tom And Jerry: The Movielike a musical such as the songs weren’t amazingly written, a few of the songs were to close together such as ”Friends To The End” and ”What Do We Care” and because the story isn’t all that great, the musical side just didn’t match the pride or passion of the story. Throughout most of the time, Tom And Jerry: The Movie was flat but they perhaps tried to make this a success at least but it just didn’t work. I only just liked this one so I think I might give Tom And Jerry: The Magic Ring a miss.

Overall, Tom And Jerry: The Movie is a deeply flawed guilty pleasure that I loved as a child and still do get some good fun watching from it seeing as this was a childhood favourite of mine and still love watching the old classic TV show now. No, this didn’t really need to be made and probably shouldn’t have been made but it definitely is a good one to recommend to little kids especially of this generation. If it stayed completely noble to the TV show, it would have been a great success! Tom And Jerry: The Movie really is the one film that many would describe it as ”so crap but so much fun” and that is basically this film in a nutshell.


~ by SJMJ91 on 18/05/2012.

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