REVIEW: Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End

The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise have been in my good books after two fantastic films that we had seen thus far and the ending of Dead Man’s Chest was such a tease and the trailer of At World’s End looked epic and looked like it could be the best of the series yet. However, it turned out to be the worst of the trilogy, it wasn’t even half as epic as expected but there were a few moments where I really enjoyed the film. The enjoyable parts consisted of obviously the great effects and action scenes, the humorous scenes and seeing Johnny Depp as Captain Jack once again.

However, the negative points were these: the film was really rushed despite it was longer than both its predecessors, the plot became quite confusing and didn’t go into great depth like the two predecessors did and were really wanting badly out of this one and too many characters were killed off so quickly so throughout most of the time, it was rather flat. What At World’s End lacked the most was emotion, the epic feeling about the film and there were quite a few almost completely pointless parts involved in the film. Those who have seen the film will know which particular part that I am referring to. Hint: ‘romantic’ scene in an awkward situation. Admittedly, it was a very funny film as predicted and there were a few good jokes but even that didn’t entirely save the film.

Jack Sparrow’s return and that he would come back after being taken to the Locker by the Kraken as well as the Black Pearl was an instant spoiler. I guess that was also the same case with Han Solo’s return in Return Of The Jedi. There may have been a few more characters but in a lot of ways, it became another completely different story and that didn’t quite work seeing as there were incredibly high expectations for this film. I mean, knowing about Calypso? Why was this not mentioned in Dead Man’s Chest especially when that character was part of it and was actually quite a crucial character in it despite didn’t appear that much. The exact same thing could be said in Geoffrey Rush returning as Barbossa when he died in Curse Of The Black Pearl and made a shocking return at the end of Dead Man’s Chest. We saw a different bond between Jack Sparrow and Barbossa in At World’s End because we all know they don’t like each other due to the history between them but they are allies more than anything in this one despite their conflicts.

Orlando Bloom, just when I thought you couldn’t sink any lower with your bad performance as Will Turner in both Curse Of The Black Pearland Dead Man’s Chest! He sinks to the lowest level of acting that he has ever done and quite possibly ever will do and there really was nothing exciting, heroic or even emotional about his performance in this film (not even the desire and desperation to free his father ‘Bootstrap’ Bill Turner from Davy Jones and his crew). So there was no surprise that he earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Supporting Actor and I am so glad that this is the last time we see Orlando Bloom in a Pirates Of The Caribbean film again. Keira Knightley makes a decent return as Elizabeth Swann and delivers another good performance. Like in Dead Man’s Chest but even more in this one, Elizabeth Swann is no innocent woman anymore and one that you really don’t want to mess with. She does show her beauty, of course but she is a bit like a bad girl especially because she is siding with the pirates, she is slowly becoming pirate herself.

After two great successful predecessors in the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy, I thought Gore Verbinski slightly went out of hand with this one and it became quite flat and rather rushed but it was still well-filmed on some occasions and has some great action as predicted. Knowing that he didn’t direct On Stranger Tides (fourth instalment in the series), it is quite a good thing that he didn’t because although the trilogy wasn’t perfect, it still gave exactly what it was going out to achieve in the first place: excitement and great fun for adults and children around.

Overall, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End is a neither bad nor good film that is a disappointment to Curse Of The Black Pearl andDead Man’s Chest but does have some good qualities that make up for some of those flaws. There were quite a few irrelevant and rather laughably pathetic scenes and changes in the story and I can understand why people either dislike or hate this film but the film, in my opinion, still had its entertaining moments. Admittedly, the ending was good and we were really expecting another instalment so let’s see what Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides brings us in May 2011.


~ by SJMJ91 on 18/05/2012.

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