REVIEW: Paranormal Activity

Well, first of all, Paranormal Activity shocked and terrified its viewers and did become a success at the box office but as for me regarding both critically and box office takings, why? What was seriously so outstanding aboutParanormal Activity? Although, there were literally one or two scenes in the film that could make viewers who are quite bored of it jump but it really was one of the most boring and uninteresting films that I have ever experienced. It just didn’t scare me or make me feel sorry for any of the characters in almost no way whatsoever.

Ok, let’s face it, how many times have we all heard supernatural films or some other horror films that are supposedly true stories? I am sorry but Paranormal Activity being a true story is absolute bullshit! I mean, if it was such a true story, they wouldn’t even make a sequel and a planned third instalment. Plus, the fact that other horror found-footage films that have been made over the years are the supposed true stories and not many things in the film as well as found-footage films in general for that matter are not entirely convincing enough to be true stories. Seriously, why would you still have the camera on and while you’re using it still be terrorised by so-called demons within the house? For me, that just totally ruins the reality of it entirely because I just cannot help but think that.

The so-called acting wasn’t entirely convincing in my honest opinion and it was just really dry and plain. I mean, whoop-de-fucking-doo! The actors and characters have the same forenames but that doesn’t mean that the acting was good. In fact, not that many people who liked it were, quite frankly, interested in the characters but cared more about the horror within and what their fates were going to be and how scary the film was going to get. So, that was just absolutely ridiculous and in my humble opinion, both of them bought it on themselves and I feel that everything about the actors and characters in Paranormal Activity in a nutshell is basically a couple messing around in a house and being over-obsessive with a camera!

As I said, I have never really been a big fan of found-footage films and I just cannot feel the horror or even believability for that matter in any of the films like that despite people rave about how good some of them are. Oren Peli makes his debut feature film and fails miserably so I think after this one, he isn’t in my good books at all for any other film he ever does in the future. Despite the fact that the film is in fact only on for an hour and a half more or less seeing as there are one or two versions of the film, it felt like it was going on forever and it really never got going and caught attention and just got even more boring as it kept on going.

Overall, Paranormal Activity is (and including the sequel and planned third instalment) one of those films that you will either love or hate and I thought the latter after only 10 minutes of watching it. Although many with both agree and disagree with me on this one butParanormal Activity really is one of the most overrated and overhyped films of all time that is perhaps as overhyped as the Transformersand Twilight franchises. Why there were any Paranormal Activity sequels, I will never understand.


~ by SJMJ91 on 18/05/2012.

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