So, what instantly came to mind about Easy A? Well, let’s think: it just looked another teen comedy about teenagers going through sexual phases such as puberty, sexual identity or orientation or even sex itself and it really didn’t look any different from any film that we have seen in the past so it isn’t that much of a triumph but it isn’t a disappointment either. It is actually one of those teen-based films that I would call neither a comedy nor a drama because I couldn’t even bring myself to laugh out loud barely at all. Where I think Easy A tries and almost completely fails the most is that I think it tries to show that there is something Juno-like about it with a troubled teenage girl in a phase and has an involvement with a geek but what Easy A lacked was heart and some drama in it. It had a message but didn’t really express it every well was that whether someone loses their virginity or not, it is not really anybody’s business because (like the message in American Pie) sex isn’t that important and that there are more important things in life.

Emma Stone really is becoming one of the great young actresses of this generation after her roles in Zombieland, Superbad (even though I didn’t like the latter film very much) and the upcoming Spider-Man reboot The Amazing Spider-Man and Easy A is another great role of hers! It was her performance as Olive that was easily the best quality that the film had overall and she rightfully deserved her Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress Musical/Comedy. Anyway, in many ways girls like Olive are incredibly annoying who brag about having sex whether lying about it or telling the truth but only one thing she said made the entire school think different about who she really is. About that, the second message is that not everybody can be trusted and even one revelation, whether it’s a lie or the truth, can affect a friendship, a relationship or anything like that. She is a very likable character because she is, lets face it, a woman who some men want her to be (well, apart from the fact she lies about losing her virginity). Unfortunately, we didn’t see all that much of the other characters because the entire film was pretty much all-Olive but of what we saw, it was at least satisfying with some decent performances.

Will Gluck, a guy who is beginning his career as a film director and seems to be going for teen comedies seeing as he previously made Fired Up! before Easy A. I’ve not seen that one but that doesn’t look anywhere near as good as this one even though Easy A wasn’t that good. I guess where I think some might not like this one is that it has its very basic and easy dialogue and not many differences from other teen comedies but it does have a good script and a good message to all teens so that makes it good enough to enjoy.

Overall, Easy A is a decent teen comedy that I did enjoy but didn’t love. If you love American Pie, Superbad and perhaps Knocked Up as well, you will really like this one! It is just a bit of fun that does deliver despite a few flaws that it has.


~ by SJMJ91 on 18/05/2012.

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