REVIEW: Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

After a decent and entertaining first instalment and then followed by an atrocious, chaotic sequel, a third instalment in this financially successful but critically failed franchise was perhaps the icing on the cake! After what we witnessed in the second film and after seeing the theatrical trailer of Dark Of The Moon, there were clearly bound to be footprints from the second one to make this third instalment a failure. at least some faults and flops within the film. The only reason why this third instalment perhaps needed watching was to see if it turns out even worse or slightly better than the others. Anyway, after seeing the film and although it wasn’t quite as painful to endure as Revenge Of The FallenDark Of The Moon was still an appalling film that quite frankly got out of hand again.

There have been debates and confusion with the title Dark Of The Moon seeing as it is in fact the name of an album from Pink Floyd. Just like the predecessor, this one doesn’t express the meaning of the title and has a very muddled target audience. This is a fault that all three films have: they are about 10-20 minutes too long, especially the action scenes. The running time needlessly continues in a desperate attempt for the audience to enjoy it, but is pathetic and typical Michael Bay. Dark Of The Moonwas still this *bang* *explosion* *2 minute conversation* *bang* *explosion* that we saw in Revenge Of The Fallen. It’s a mystery howDark Of The Moon has grossed over $1 billion worldwide and there is almost no reason why it actually deserves it.

ration, and after being in some good films in the past but with a weak performance, he really couldn’t sink any lower in this one than he did in Revenge Of The Fallen. Sam Witwicky has gone from a hero, to a hopeless romantic and now to a hopeless loser who can’t even get a job! Even some of those scenes were hard to endure and it resulted of a few facepalms and shaking head a few times. It would just be so much better if he actually died in the film (like he should have done in the sequel when he almost did), then they would avoid being a contender for Razzie nominations! LaBeouf makes a very weak protagonist in blockbusters so, in this case, he seems more suitable for a supporting character (second best) for every film he is part of in the near future.

The news of no Megan Fox in the third film was a great idea, but at the same time it was a bit of a shock. This is where Bay could’ve improvised and made this a very good film with a strong leading actress to make this an epic final instalment. However, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Carly Spencer. is perhaps easier on the eyes than Fox was in the first two films, but as far as performance and character are concerned, she was as dry as a dog bone! She became the next annoying girlfriend of Sam’s who was almost like using him just to get fame, which is what the leading cast change was perhaps for. She wasn’t quite as dull, boring or an instant turn-on for men like Megan Fox was, but she really wasn’t far off from achieving just that. The film perhaps would have been better if they killed her off too, just to ease the pain of the audience a bit. It is pretty easy to say that the Autobots and Decepticons are some of the most annoying characters that you will ever see in a film, because their characters basically sum up this: transforming cars banging and running around with annoying deep voices. Every single character in the entire series should just be killed off!

Michael Bay: the biggest money-grubbing, weak and chaotic filmmaker of this generation! After promising a fantastic sequel, we get a chaotic disaster and then promising a final third epic conclusion, we get another awful, forgettable waste! Understandably, with the huge set and many crew members and actors, you’re going to have plenty on your shoulders but at least make sure the stories make sense, they don’t go out of hand when they do and that they aren’t so damn noisy! His career as a film director is truly dead now and has killed many films over the years (Pearl Harbor he totally took out of hand and destroyed!), so he should just disappear off the face of the Earth. The script was really flat as predicted! It totally died after the word ”boner” was said during a make-out scene between Sam and Carly while the mini robot watches!

Overall, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon was, as expected, an absolutely appalling ‘blockbuster’ that almost sank down to the same disaster level as like Revenge Of The Fallen, but was still very close to doing so. Obviously, the effects were fantastic and that is the only bit of credit the film deserves (like Revenge Of The Fallen), so it could be an Oscar contender in that category. As far as money is concerned, it is the most overrated one of the trilogy and this could and should a few more Razzie nominations and wins in 2012!


~ by SJMJ91 on 16/05/2012.

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