REVIEW: Grown-Ups

Quite frankly to start off with, there were mixed feelings about Grown Ups seeing as it looks like a fun film to watch, but looks a bit stupid at the same time. However, after seeing it, it certainly is a stupid film and it really wasn’t even anything fun to watch. Of course there were going to be one or two moments that were going to make you chuckle, but most of the time it was laughably silly. The trailer made the film seem very fun, entertaining and hilarious but unfortunately, the characters, performances from actors and just the rest of the story in general, made it too cheesy to be fun.

There is one minor note in Grown Ups that could have made this film really great. Because the story involves a group of childhood friends and now that they have been reunited and are now married and have kids, this could have really been something personal. So, unfortunately they selected the wrong writer and director for this film to be able to achieve this. It could have sent out a great message such as knowing that your true friends are the ones who stick by you, always treasure your childhood and to make the most of it while you can and not to mention a few others. So,Grown Ups is in a word; empty. It really lacks heart and that is annoying about films that try to be emotional and exciting to watch.

Admittedly being one who has never been a huge admirer of Adam Sandler, but do like some of his films, I actually thought he could deliver and lead something quite interesting here. Boy, Adam, you really need to get your act together and stop being in these kind of films because you just haven’t got it anymore. He just lacked the humour and the emotion that the character he portrayed needed. Chris Rock hasn’t been in my good books either over the years, but he was actually alright in this one. Rob Schneider gets on my nerves in every film he has been in, and he manages to succeed at that once again. I don’t even fully understand why the film is called ”Grown Ups” because, yeah the actors within the film look grown-up obviously, but do they act grown up? I think not. Even the kids acted more grown-up than the five guys did. The five guys were like big kids, so character development and acting all around just failed miserably.

Dennis Dugan, I am surprised at you because in the past you have made a great Adam Sandler film: Happy Gilmore (which is my favorite film from Sandler). So, I know he can do a lot better than this. This isn’t only incredibly boring, really ridiculous and just not funny at all, but it was poorly directed and it just miserable failed. Grown-Ups could have been something personal and moving, but it just totally went out of hand especially with the lousy actors and the real lack of character development. The script was absolutely atrocious and is perhaps one of the cheesiest scripts that I have had to listen to in a film so pretty much the entire production of the film failed.

Overall, Grown Ups is basically an ultimately failed comedy that is neither funny nor fun. It lacks literally everything, but there have been much worse films than this. Adam Sandler really will have to climb up to the top of the ladder again after this one. This could have been something really good, but it was almost nothing! A true grown up wouldn’t fall for this film and would have more sense to see this film for what it really is: empty and heartless.


~ by SJMJ91 on 16/05/2012.

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