REVIEW: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I

Following a well-deserved 17 month break from Twilight after the release of Eclipse, the time has come with the start to the beginning of the end of this paint-dry, corny and needlessly overhyped franchise. Being the one series of films that you truly either love to bits where you’d get all obsessive about them or you absolutely hate every aspect about and being one who thankfully succumbed to the latter, there wasn’t really anything major that was going to change at all. So, for this reason, there was nothing to look forward to and expectations were practically the same as the other films and as a result of this, we’ve been given another dull, incredibly boring and laughably awful film that may have left a cliffhanging conclusion but still provides the audience with the fact that the exciting death of this franchise is almost here.

The three predecessors have been met as critical failures already but what instantly made Breaking Dawn: Part Ianother one to follow up those is because it clearly steals the ideal decision from the final Harry Potter novel Deathly Hallows being split into two films to bring forth more excitement and so much had occurred in the single novel that would be too much to fit into a single film. However, with Breaking Dawn: Part I, it wasn’t even a huge build-up to the final film as it was really dry and just dull from start to finish. Plus, due to the dialogue and events that occur, Breaking Dawn: Part I renovates a much cornier take-on of classic Roman Polanski horror film Rosemary’s Baby, but there was actually one particular concept of the film that actually was quite freaky to watch. It’s just absolutely ridiculous why it has taken so long to add at least a bit of horror into the franchise.

Before Twilight and her role as Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart starred in some fun and interesting films as a child from the likes of Panic Roomby David Fincher, Into The Wild by Sean Penn and fun family sci-fi adventure Zathura. However, now she has sunk to the lowest level that she ever will fall down to as she gives an absolutely appalling performance as Bella who doesn’t provide any emotional feeling for the audience and there is simply no connection between neither Bella and Edward Cullen nor Bella and Jacob Black! Stewart may have the pretty characteristics for the character but when it comes to actually playing the character, it just doesn’t work for her at all. The love triangle relationship between Bella, Edward and Jacob is literally like in a closed cage needlessly continues and simply does not go anywhere at all!

It is true, Cedric Diggory has died but has been resurrected by vampire Edward Cullen as Robert Pattinson has really gone from playing a rather crucial character in the fourth Harry Potter film to a vegetarian vampire who has fallen in love with a human. There is nothing vampire-like about Edward at all as he provides the exact opposite of the true nature of vampires that we have seen over the years. Pattinson’s performance as Edward has been atrocious from the very beginning but what we see within Breaking Dawn: Part I is Edward at his worst general standard, especially in the scene with the wedding and the laughably pathetic sex scene where he breaks the bed and panics that he harmed Bella during the act! Stewart doesn’t help build the connection between Bella and Edward but Pattinson just doesn’t merge it together at all and for the better, both characters just need to be killed off. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black is once again a really annoying portrayal of a young teen-wolf. Lautner is perhaps the hunkiest than he’s ever been but that doesn’t make his performance or character any more interesting or stronger. His role perhaps wasn’t as vital or as frequent as in New Moon or Eclipse, so it was more about Edward and Bella in this one.

Just like the films based upon the Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, the films within the Twilight have consisted of a large number of directors chosen to direct the films but have always used the same screenwriter to pen the scripts. Academy Award winner Bill Condon couldn’t even successfully make this into a solid build-up to the end and neither could David Slade whose previous works before directing Eclipse were horror films Hard Candy and 30 Days Of Night. So, this proves that even experienced filmmakers could not bend around making a film that is emotional, occasionally intense or even entertaining to watch about some of the most annoying characters you could ever read about with ridiculous dialogue! In addition to the author Stephenie Meyer, the screenwriter has to be female, doesn’t it, who has transformed the scary-looking, deadly and sinister nature of a “vampire” into a soulless and soft-hearted fairy? The written dialogue is almost completely written from a typical avid female fan of the series with such cliché and gut-retching lines that makes it completely dry throughout every second of it.

Overall, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I is, as predicted, yet another atrocious addition to the Twilight series that moves us one step closer to when it all ends. This is the Twilight series in a nutshell: just because the characters are needlessly eye-popping and are an ultimate sexual fantasy towards its target audience, that doesn’t make it a good film that has a strong dialogue with intriguing characters. Quite frankly, Breaking Dawn didn’t even need to be split into two parts because there was not a large number of turning events occurring in this one with lots of detail in the story like there was in Deathly Hallows. It was basically just the Twilight series sneaking their way into earning some more money. So, now that Part I has been released with four films down and one to go, we’re almost there to the end of this series!


~ by SJMJ91 on 15/05/2012.

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