REVIEW: Horrible Bosses

In most recent years, we have seen the release of certain black-comedies that have been met with a positive reception and critical acclaim but haven’t been quite so successful regarding awards (e.g. In Bruges, Burn After Reading, Four Lions) and now Horrible Bosses can be added to that list. Although, it is required to have a particular sense of humour when watching black-comedies, you cannot help but laugh at the wild and crazy situations that occur within the film. As a result of this, it has a similar style of comedy to In Bruges and The Hangover.

The black-comedy theme and genre is mainly favoured in the UK but aside from famous American filmmakers Joel & Ethan Coen whose films consist of black-comedy the majority of the time. However, Horrible Bosses demonstrates the ingenious of black-comedy with qualities that make those kinds of films so brilliant to watch. It’s filled with quite possibly the darkest kind of criminal offences from the likes of murder, rape, blackmail, revenge, scandal and the most extraordinary thing is that you’ll never see these crimes appear so funny in any film you’ll see! So, for this reason, it’s not a film to take seriously at all as it expressing exactly what it is meant to bring to its viewers: to just watch it and have a laugh while doing so.

Almost every single time whenever there is a very impressive ensemble cast, it either works spectacularly or simply fails miserable. However, in the case of Horrible Bosses, it provides the brilliance of acting in all variety of ways. The role of Nick Hendricks was specifically written for Jason Bateman in the respective role and as a result, delivers a very good performance! Nick leads the trio of distressed and afflicted employees, and his on-screen relationship with Harken is the exact hateful bond and rather dominant conflict between an employee and their boss. Jason Sudeikis as Kurt Buckman is perhaps the weakest character of the trio but despite that he still distributes a decent performance. Last but not least, Charlie Day’s role as Dale Arbus was absolutely fantastic! He was easily the best actor of the three as he provides the cute innocence against the ruthless sexual advances from Julia Harris. He is the funniest character and perhaps the most serious character of the three. The relationship between the two resembled Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft in classic romantic-comedy The Graduate.

Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell provide the roles of the three dominant and sadistic bosses. The personalities of all three consist of the types of evil bosses that you could possibly get. First, there is perhaps the most dangerous boss Mr. Harken, who is portrayed by Kevin Spacey, and is referred as the “psycho” like the film poster suggests. Spacey has starred in many psychopathic roles over the years, and this is another fine performance from him but a slightly different level. That level being where Spacey as Harken is a rather humourous character and therefore, being incredibly funny to watch. Colin Farrell has been a favourite of the black-comedy genre after his Golden Globe-winning performance in In Bruges, and shines once again as he portrays Bobby Pellitt (referred as the “tool” on the poster) despite he didn’t appear in the film very often. As for the final boss – Jennifer Aniston, being the only female major member of the cast goes beyond any other character she has ever portrayed with a fantastic performance as “man-eater” Dr. Julia Harris and closely resembles a crafty yet more vulgar and kinky illustration of Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson. Jamie Foxx makes a small appearance as Dean “Motherf**ker” Jones who is the hitman assigned by Nick, Dale and Kurt to aid them in murdering their bosses, but not all goes to plan.

Seth Gordon begins his directorial career with Horrible Bosses and goes off to a flying start as he brings slightly different yet similar aspects of British black-comedy as well as from the Coen brothers. He makes this film with such brilliance by mixing the laugh-out-loud nature of comedy with the subject matter that consists of committing the biggest criminal offences one could ever do, and provides murder as a whole as something incredibly funny. Sure, there are perhaps some that aren’t going to find this hilarious due to this, but on occasions in a hilarious way, it goes in-depth into a person’s mind that motivates them psychologically to consider murder and amongst other crimes.

Overall, Horrible Bosses is an absolutely hilarious black-comedy that is filled with lots of jokes, strong characters and a very creative script that will hopefully gain a few Golden Globe nominations as it very well deserves. A sequel to Horrible Bosses has recently been announced, so the exciting build-up for more laughs and disasters await us in the near future.


~ by SJMJ91 on 15/05/2012.

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