REVIEW: American Reunion

Following a trilogy of hilarious and wild teenage-comedies and then a number of disastrous spin-offs, the release ofAmerican Reunion could result in reviving the entire American Pie series. In addition, we were in for a huge treat seeing as the whole original cast from the first American Pie in 1999 were returning. With this in mind, there were all the laughs, the catastrophes and vulgar sexual references that were expected, which made the American Pie series so popular over the years. For this reason, there was not anything majorly new to expect from this new instalment. Nevertheless, American Reunion literally sweeps away the previous spin-offs and becomes a fun and entertaining addition, or re-awakening, of the original films that will make you laugh until it hurts from start to finish.


Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are not only the latest additions in the directing seats of American Reunion but they take over original American Pie creator and screenwriter Adam Herz as they also wrote the script for the latest instalment together. Each of the directors from all of the theatrical films always aims to bring repetition to the screen that will not have any serious alterations. So, considering that it all involves a series of young men who still acting like teenagers, there is not anything to change. Considering that this film did not even have to be made at all after how American Wedding ended, Hurwitz and Schlossberg successfully manage to make American Reunion heaps of fun for teenagers of this generation and of young men and women who grew up with the series.


Every young member of the original cast returned for this fourth theatrically-released American Pie film. In the predecessors, Jason Biggs excellently portrayed a socially awkward and accident prone but well-intentioned young man who precisely defined the attitude of a male youngster. However, now he returns as Jim Levenstein as a married, family man but still has the mind of a teenager. Biggs led the cast once again and gave us another hilarious performance to remember. Seann William Scott returns as the foul-mouthed, ladies’ man Steve Stifler whose character is not overkilled and was full of laughs. In addition, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Chris Klein return in their respective roles as Kevin Myers, Paul Finch and Chris Ostreicher. The only actor who has appeared in all eight films – Eugene Levy, comes back and is as great as ever as Noah Levenstein.


As for the ladies, Alyson Hannigan reprised her role as Michelle Levenstein (Flaherty). Out of all of the characters within the film, Michelle is perhaps the only one who has truly changed. She is a young woman who takes her personal life very seriously and is not as eccentric and unusual as she was in the previous films. Furthermore, Tara Reid and Mena Suvari return as Vicky and Heather. Seeing all of these actors return again after 9 years (or in some actors’ case – 11 years) was literally to reboot, or update if you will, how much adulthood changes one’s life. Therefore, in that sense, American Reunion has a surprisingly interesting and personal message that is aimed directly towards people of their own age and to teenagers of this generation.


Overall, American Reunion is another hilarious and wacky addition to the American Pie genre that is fresh and successfully manages to not underuse any of the characters. In addition, like the original American Pie films, this new instalment never runs out of laughs. Therefore, it is perhaps the true fourth instalment in the franchise and although it was not entirely a wise idea to make it to begin with, it proves itself to be a film that was worth making.


~ by SJMJ91 on 15/05/2012.

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